Haunted House of the Underground

Come participate in Chicagoland’s first ever Haunted House and Rave put together as one.Enter the Void between two worlds and rage through the night with The guardians as you survive a place filled with monsters hunting you in the shadows.
Beauty and Chaos will dazzle you in an experience made for only the most hardcore.
Stop surviving Death start celebrating Life.
10 DJs Trap, House and Hardstyle
2 Haunted houses
+30 actors
After Dark Lighting
Intrinsic Art Fire Poi
Pumpkin Smashing
Stage Dancers
Stage Acts
Prize Games
Face Painting
Fortune Tellers
Witch Doctors
Flower Vendors
Candy Vendors
Food Vendors
Mask/Costume Vendors
Jewelry VendorsOctober 31st Halloween Night 8pm-4am
+17 to enter +21 to drink ID Required
$20 General Admission
$30 RIP
No Ins or Outs
This event is BYOB
+1000 capacity
Paul & Mary’s Racing Camping LLC
23263 S Cherry Hill Rd. Manhattan, IL 60442

WARNING: This is an Extreme Haunted House intended for an Extreme Capable Audience enter at YOUR OWN RISK!

You will receive one event entry wristband with purchase and 2 detachable tickets on the wristband, one for each haunted house. Tickets for the Haunted Houses are transferable amongst friends inside the event. So if you don’t feel like going through houses don’t waste your tickets give it to a friend they are detachable.

You will get 2 detachable tickets to each haunted house, “no wait pass” meaning you go straight to the front of the line at each house and access to a cozy private area with cooler.

This event is BYOB



*Maximum Amount Per Person 750ml or a six pack

*All Alcoholic beverages/Tobacco products must be sealed before entry and inspected by security please co-operate we Do Not want to throw away your Drinks or Smokes!

*No Glass objects inside at all! Only plastic bottles and aluminum cans will be allowed inside.

*If you do not have a plastic container we will sell plastic containers at the entrance for you to break the seal on your glass and empty into.

No Underage age drinking!

If security grabs your attention just make your hands visible they only want to see your wristbands and move on their way.

No Weapons, No Explosives, No Glass Objects, No Illegal Substances

Security will be strict but co-operative; they are there for your protection.
Purchase of tickets includes agreement to initial search at entry.
We reserve the right to deny admission.


Lighters, tobacco, small non-glass tobacco pipes or devices, alcohol, gum, small purses, LEDs, Gloves, Hoops, flow toys, Kandi Art, Pumpkins, Blankets, hand warmers, Recording equipment, empty plastic containers, 1 sealed factory made bottled water, Costumes and masks.


Backpacks, Laser Pointers, animals, outside food or non alcoholic beverages.

This is Private Property have Respect for the Owners this is not your turf so throw your trash away.

Located just an hour away from Chicago right next to the Chicagoland Speedway with free parking on site!

We will be raging all through the night with the sweet hard sounds of our DJs”The Guardians”. Our monsters will be trained in the Occult arts of Fear giving you an extreme show to remember for years to come.

More details TBA
so stay tuned 😉


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