Neck Breaker Tour Milwaukee Edition – 4.13.16 Photos & Review

(Milwaukee, WI) – Since its announcement, the Neck Breaker tour has been one of the most anticipated events all throughout the United States.

With heavy hitters Funtcase, Dirtyphonics, and Habstrakt headlining it’s truly a bass addicts dream. What made this stopĀ  extra specialĀ is that it was held at such an intimate venue. With a max capacity of around 500, attending an event at the Miramar gives a unique experience.

Opening up the night was locals Apple Country and Siphonic and as always they brought great energy to the room. What followed was a perfect example of how if you bring the right artists together, you can create an event that will stick with you forever.

It was beyond relieving to hear 3 unique bass heavy sets since a lot of DJs nowadays are playing recycled sets. Wisconsin was blessed with a b2b2b with all of these remarkable artists. Seeing them play back to back was a unusual display of camaraderie that is not usually seen on tours like this. I can’t imagine a better way to start this legendary tour and cannot wait to see its future stops!

Photos by Tanner Heitz Photography.

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