Lost in the Woods 2015 Review & Photos

Out in the marshlands of McHenry County at Mackey’s Hideout rhythm of spirituous band members took stage to accompany a cozy night of drinks with old and new friends alike. Chachubanation presents another occasion to let everyone enjoy bands that are taking music to new heights in the industry, by bringing back old-style unison with live band members and incorporating new-style technology and software for effects and quality.

A go with the flow feel was really felt with the environment, there were paintings from local artists out side, vendors, a free goodies table, slot machines, the producers and management were also very generous in providing alternatives to avoid drinking and driving for attendees. The bar had excellent deals and the behavior of the crowd never got too out of hand, that’s what really makes events like these special is the friendliness of the crowd to enjoy a night of celebration.

What’s also great about events like these is the intimate setting that lets you get one on one with the band members and the audience, you really get to interact with many different people on and off stage. Not only do you get to experiment with different music, all the while finding new sounds and bands that you like, but the setting is so personal you can go ahead converse with band members about how much you loved their performance when they’re off stage. Events like these are great for true fans and provide an excellent base for newcomers of an awesome sound so please keep them coming!

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